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Pura Tanah Lot, Bali-Indonesia

Pura Tanah Lot

My mind was filled with anticipation as the van approached Pura Tanah Lot (often known as Tanah Lot only). I have heard a lot of this temple before coming here. It was the star icon of Bali. During our journey, our driver Aple stressed on the fact that one has not consider visited Bali without visiting Tanah Lot. I agreed with him wholeheartedly after witnessing the effort of the local tourism authority has put in to promote this star attraction.

Gate to Tanah Lot
As expected, we saw loads of tourists at the entrance to Tanah Lot. Many of them were from China. We have to walk a distance through alleys lined with tourists' shops to the temple. I could not stop feeling a bit disappointed that this attraction has become overly-commercialized and evolved into a tourist trap. On the other hand, I was also comforted by the fact that the temple has provided many locals there a kind of livelihood. Well, life was always so ironical.

Charlotte with deity's statue
We knew we were closed when the crowd got thicker and the smell of sea struck our nose. We could also hear the sound of the waves crushing against the rocks. Our paces picked up. Finally we saw what we came to witness. The temple was a simple one but the setting was not. Set on top of a rocky formation- "Tanah" which means land in Balinese, the temple stood facing the Indian Ocean which represented the "Lot" and thus came the combined name Tanah Lot. The ferocious waves struck mercilessly and relentlessly against the temple ground. But like a monstrous guardian, Tanah Lot stood firm on it's ground and seemed to protect it's believers safely before the shoreline. Many locals believed a gigantic snake guarded the temple ground from those visiting the holy ground with ill intents.

Tanah Lot at Sunset 1
Welcome to Tanah Lot
As the tide was not too high, many visitors took the opportunity to wet their feet and  visited the temple area (You cannot visit the temple at high tide). Priests were at the temple to bless those who gave a donation for a good cause. We chose not to visit the temple. Instead, we went to  higher ground to wait for the sunset. The sunset at Tanah Lot was always described as something one would die for. It might be overly exaggerated but it was truly something worth waiting for.

Family Photo at Tanah Lot
We could hear religious music when the sun began to set. I guessed it should be telling the visitors to get ready for the sunset view. When the sun began it's descend into the blue horizon, Tanah Lot was bathed in it's heavenly-like golden rays.  The view was indeed breathtaking. We knew the golden moment would be short and hardly blinked our eyes as we absorbed the beautiful scenery. The waves seemed to got stronger and added to the spectacular aura of the whole place.

Golden Sunset at Tanah Lot

We have visited many temples before but was still fascinated by Tanah Lot. It's presence by the sea made the temple unique.  Is it a must to visit when you are in Bali? Well, it always depends on one's perspective and what he/she is looking for. My philosophy is always "Relax and do not hold high expectation. You will have a more fruitful and enjoyable trip". Have a great time when you are here next time ;-)!   

Tanah Lot at Sunset 2

 *This article was a recap during my visit to Pura Tanah Lot on 19 March 2013

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  1. It sounds and looks beautiful, would you have defined it as a spiritual experience?

    1. Hi Steve Wilkes, thanks for your kind visit. I felt very much relaxed after the trip and certainly rate it as a spiritual experience.

  2. Wow! Pura Tanah Lot gave you pieces of its wonderful landscapes which are definitely worth seeing! Any place is nicer if you visit it with your family, but I'm sure that each of you enjoyed it. Can't wait for photos and memories from other great places, as well!

    1. Hi Marcia Taams, glad to see you at my blog. We certainly have a great time at Pura Tanah Lot and very sure to return there again :-).

  3. It's great to see that not only I had spent an amazing time visiting one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. At night the scenery is even more stunning, but the water gets high and it's pretty dangerous :).

    1. Hi Agness Walewinder, thanks for your visit. I think it's worth the danger and effort for the amazing view of Tanah Lot!

  4. Hi. I had visited this place and written a blog post here. But when I tried search in google, my post can't be seen at all. How do I make it 'visible' like you blog post? I also wanted to share my thoughts and views of places I'd been to. Thanks for your advice

    1. Hi Grace, there are various ways to improve your google ranking. One of the ways is to write quality articles. You can refer to: on more ways to improve your ranking. Happy blogging :-) !

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