Friday, 30 August 2013

My Singapore Story

The Singapore Skyline

This year National Day's slogan is "Many stories. One Singapore". As a true blue Singaporean, I felt complied to contribute my own Singapore story for this year cause. Born in the 70's, I was one of those who was "evacuated" from our Kampong (local slang for village) and moved into the current concrete high rise buildings. Since then Singapore have never look back.

Haw Par Villa

I have witnessed Singapore's tremendous transformation over the past 40 years. In my early days, there were not much places of interest which our children have the privilege to enjoy today. The only places our parents could bring us were The Singapore Zoo (I have a blog on this), Haw Par Villa and the occasion fun fair grounds. This is the reason why I have such strong affiliation with The Singapore Zoo and Haw Par Villa. Perhaps those from my generation share similar thoughts too. 

The Singapore River
Marina Bay Sand

I remembered not enjoying the bus trip (there was no MRT then) to China town. The reason was that we needed to get past Singapore River. Whenever we got near the river (where the current Clark Quay resided), there was always a strong pungent smell in the air. It was so repulsive that at times I felt like vomiting. The hot and stuffy environment in the then non-air conditioned bus did not help the situation. Of course, the smell has long gone after the authority put in strong effort to clean up the river. The Singapore River has now become one of Singapore famous landmarks. Tourists visiting Singapore today consider touring the length of the Singapore River in the trademark bumper boat as a must do in their itineraries. The boat tours bring them to many Singapore famous icons like The Merlion, The Marina Bay Sand, The Esplanade, The Fullerton Hotel and The Singapore Flyer etc.

Resort World Sentosa
Universal Studio Singapore

Another destination comes to my mind is Sentosa. Sentosa of today has totally shed it's "abandoned island" image to become a Resort island. I recalled not many people want to visit the island as it was deemed a exiled prison for political criminals during my young days. All these have changed. Now, we have USS (Universal Studio Singapore), S.E.A Aquarium (World largest aquarium), Adventure Cove (Water theme Park) and the lists go on at Sentosa. Visitors coming to Singapore now will surely stay a day or two at Resort World Sentosa. Singaporeans, myself included would also consider Sentosa as a great retreat instead of visiting other countries during holidays.

S.E.A Aquarium
 We shall always remember that Singapore have achieved today first world status due to the hard work of everybody. Our children get to enjoy the fruits that were planted by our parents. We can be proud but shall never let complacency set in just because what we are today.

Happy belated birthday, Singapore!

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The Merlion