Travel Photos Series#14-The Temple of a Thousand Faces (The Bayon Temple of Cambodia)
After thought: Visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia
Temple Run at Siem Reap, Cambodia
Prelude, Visit to Angkor Wat-Siem Reap

Hong Kong

Travel Photos Series#12-Kirin Sculpture at Wong Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong
Travel Photos Series#7-Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong
"Disney Paint The Night" Nighttime Spectacular at Hong Kong Disneyland
Travel Photos Series#4-At Lion's Pavilion-The Peak, Hong Kong
Cheung Chau Trip (Part 2)
Cheung Chau Trip (Part 1)
The Fishing Village-Tai O, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Tourism Story


Travel Photo Series#16-Stupas at The Borobudur Temple
Travel Photo Series#11-The Javanese Musician
Mount Merapi Jeep Lava Tour
Dawn at Borobudur Temple
The Prambanan Temple
Travel to Borobudur Temple
Travel Photos Series#6-Sunset at Borobudur, Central Java-Indonesia
Travel Photos Series#3-At Pura Trita Empul-Bali, Indonesia
Pura Tanah Lot, Bali-Indonesia
We Love Bali!


Travel Photos Series#22-The Street of Gion, Kyoto
Travel Photo Series#19-Kinkaku-ji Temple at Autumn
Touring the Famous Street of Dotonbori, Osaka
The Osaka, Kyoto and Nara Trip
Travel Photos Series#17-Sika Deer at Nara Park
Travel Photos Series#15-Sunset at Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto
Travel Photos Series#13-A Traditional Japanese Wedding Procession
Travel Photos Series#9-Rickshaw at Kawagoe, Japan
Travel Photos Series#2-At Togo Shrine-Tokyo, Japan
Day Trip at Kamakura (Part 4)-The Inamuragasaki Beach
Day Trip at Kamakura (Part 3)-The Daibutsu, Great Buddha of Kamakura
Day Trip at Kamakura (Part 2)- The Hase-dera Temple
Day Trip at Kamakura (Part 1)-The Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine
The Tokyo Skytree and Sumida River
Asasuka and Senso-ji Temple
Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty Land)
Meiji Jingu Shrine-Tokyo, Japan
The Tokyo Trip


Three times to Macau


Trip to Penang, Malaysia


Travel Photo Series#24-Sunset at Mount Faber
Tips for Hiking MacRitchie Natural Trail
Travel Photos Series#23-The Bird on the Stick
Travel Photos Series#10-Marina Bay Skyline, Singapore
Travel Photo Series#8-Vesak Day Celebration at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore
Visit Singapore on a Cheap Budget (Part 2)
Visit Singapore on a Cheap Budget (Part 1)
Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay
River Safari, Singapore
My Singapore Story
The Singapore Zoo
The Singapore Flyer
Gardens by the Bay


Travel Photo Series#18-Panoramic View from the Mountain City, Jiufen (Taiwan)
Travel Photo Series#5-Suset at Tamsui-Taiwan
Travel Photo Series#1-Fo Guang Shan, Taiwan
Taiwan Travel Tips
Early Morning Walk at Sun Moon Lake
Family Bonding Tour at Taiwan Formosa


The Chiang Mai Trip, Thailand
Travel Photo Series#20-The Marble Temple
Bangkok-The Land of Smiles


Travel Photo Series#21-Sunset at Torrey Pines Gliderport


Why We Travel?
2015 Wrap Up-Year of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites
2014 Wrap Up (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)
2013 Wrap Up
The Camera and I

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