Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Tokyo Trip

Senso-ji Temple at Asakusa

I have planned this since the beginning of this year and was glad that I finally visited Tokyo with my family on June this year. My wife and I have been fascinated by Japan when we visited it a decade ago. We were impressed by the Japaneses' politeness and service level, great food and marvelous shrines and temples. Being on a guided tour, we did not bother to do any homework and follow blindly where the tour bus brought us to. I remembered I was totally awed and confused when the tour guide showed us the complicated train network at a train station. I was silently relieved then that I did not need to navigate the dense transport network. My role then was to enjoy the good food and scenery at the Land of the Rising Sun.

Toriis at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine
10 years down the road, the "complicated train network" nightmare came to haunt me when we planned to re-visit Tokyo on a free and easy trip. The same "awed and confused" feeling struck me again when I scanned through train map. Terms like "Yamanote Line, Fukutoshin Line, Saikyo Line Rapid,  Keio Line Express,   Marunouchi Line,  Tobu Tojo Line Semi-Express etc" were like Japan secret codes to me. It was a struggle at first but after deciphering and understanding how the train network operated, it became plain sailing. I am not going too much into this but will be sharing some of my tips at traveling in Tokyo at a later blog.

Full bloom flowers at Hase-dera Temple at Kamakura

My 11 days trip in Tokyo would take us to the following area:

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Day 1: Arrived at Tokyo
Day 2: Harajuku-Meiji Shrine, Togo Shrine, Takeshita Dori Street
Day 3: Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty Land)
Day 4: Asakusa-Senso-ji,Temple Nakamise Dori Street, Sumida River,
            Tokyo Skytree
Day 5: Kamakura-Komachi Dori Street ,Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine
           Hasedera Temple, Kotokuin Temple(Daibutsu), Inamuragasaki beach
Day 6: Tokyo Disneysea
Day 7: Tsukiji Market, Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple
            Imperial Palace
Day 8: Ikebukero
Day 9: Ueno -Ueno Park and Zoo,Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple, Benten-do, 
            Shinobazu pond, Ameyoko Dori Street        
Day 10: Kawagoe-Kurazukuri zone (Old Storehouse Zone)
Day 11: Back to Singapore 

Family photo with Sumida River, Tokyo Skytree and Asahi Beer Hall

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo does not changed much since my last visit. But do not get me wrong, it's charm still remains. This trip has helped me uncovered more of Tokyo and to savour authentic Japanese food at will. My family (especially my wife!) enjoyed great shopping experience that we must always resist  the urge to grab everything from the shops' displays and shelves!

Do follow my later blogs as I share my delightful experience at the different parts of Tokyo.

See you soon! 

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Daibutsu at Kamakura

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  1. sounds like a great trip! will be looking forward to your posts!

  2. Hi, just came across your blog and it made for an interesting read. Especially, I could so well relate with your Japan posts, since I had been to the country myself on a visit recently and the experience was overwhelming. I have been also traveling quite a bit around the world, but nothing could egg me to pen down my experiences as much as Japan.
    Would love to share my experience with you. Do visit if you are free:

    1. Hi dwaita, thanks for your visit! Yep, Japan is always a place one would never forget after visiting.

  3. I am dying to go to Japan. I had a layover there last year but it was only for two hours. I wanted so bad to run outside. I love looking at pictures of it. The temples are all so colorful.

    1. Hi Jennifer, you shall visit Japan. I never get tired of their temples and shrines and not to mention that their foods are always so unforgettable :-)

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing. We'll be heading in November, can't wait enough! :) May I know what camera/lens did you used during these trips? thanks

    1. Hi 117raptor, thanks for the visit. I used a Canon EOS 550D camera and 2 canon lenses (EFS 18-55mm & EFS 55-250mm). Wishing you a great and memorable trip in Tokyo :-)!

  5. Loved Tokyo!
    Too bad I missed out on that beautiful temple in Asakusa...
    Seems like you've traveled a lot around in Japan.

    1. Japan is a beautiful country. I hope to visit it very soon again.

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  8. I visit Tokyo almost every other year & I'm still very confused with the train system. Even my Japanese friends said the same thing, so we're not alone. Sometimes they take the wrong train too. Lol! Your post makes me wanna book another trip right now! Happy holidays, Paul! xoxo

    1. Complicated and Convenient-that's my conclusion on Japan Train System haha...Merry Christmas!

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