Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hong Kong Travel Video 2017

We visited Hong Kong (again) in November last year. It is almost my second home now as we would almost at least visit it once a year to visit my in laws. Many would think I have become a Hong Kong expert given my multiple trips there but I seriously do not think so. There are still so many new things to explore and learn every time we go there and I do not think I will ever get tired of this fabulous country.

For our last visit, I have specially made an video to record the places we have visited. I always think that nothing beats the visual effect of a travel video. It was purposely recorded as a third party view (Charlotte as the lead, Alison and I in cameo appearance 😀) and I hope it brings viewers to an effect like a  real time perspective experience as if as they were travelling with us at the same time.

The travel video will bring you to the all time tourists favorite like the Wong Tai Sing Temple, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Victoria Harbour etc as well as less visited area such as the UNESCO Geo Park, Sai Kung, The Cats Tea Room etc.

Sit back and relax to watch the video. Let me know if you have any question on the places we have visited. I will gladly answer on any enquiry. Give us a Like and Share the video if you love it 😊