About Ourselves

Hello all, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Paulo Tan and dwell in a little red dot called Singapore in the earth. My wife Alison Chan, hails from Hong Kong. We are happily married for almost 10 years. How we met each other? Well, that is always another story to tell (:-p). Both of us always have disputes which is the better country :-S Nevertheless, we unanimously agree that we have a beautiful but naughty 9 years old daughter named Charlotte :-)

Family Photo at Pura Tanah Lot
I love travel and photography on a hobby basis and have the fortune to visit some fantastic countries. This blog is started on the ideas of noting down our adventures and exploits during our travels so that we can always look at them again when we want to recall our happy times together. When my daughter grows bigger and we grow older, all these write-ups will become precious memories.

As I continue to write about my travels, I realized that there are useful tips that I want to share with other fellow travelers. I also want them to hear my stories-just like a story-teller narrating his past deeds and adventures to his faithful listeners.  If you like my tips and stories, please become a member for my latest updates :-).

Hope you love the photos and travel stories that I always like to share with everybody. Visit my travel blog at : http://tantaikwee.blogspot.sg

Contact me at soccerats@gmail.com if you have any enquiry.


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    1. Hi Tommy, thanks! It's an honor to be included in your blog.

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    1. Great thanks for including us in your blog! :-)

    2. You are most welcome! Happy traveling!