Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Camera and I

Sea Dragons, Singapore
In this blog, I just want to share a story about my camera and myself. I own a DSLR camera. Well, nothing special about that. With their affordable prices, many people owned DSLR cameras nowadays. In fact just not too long ago, I saw a couple of youngsters snapping away with their latest model cameras at a place of interest. The enormous zoom lens on their camera body some how looked too heavy for them as they trudged along . But again who really cared as long as they enjoyed what they were doing, right? Back to my camera story again.

Maybe you will not believe it, despite my interest in photography, I have never an intention to buy a DSLR camera. I found it too bulky and have always placed my faith in the smaller digital cameras. That opinion changed after my visit to Korea few years back. First, there was obviously a problem with my usually trustful digital camera. All the pictures taken came with a weird pinkish background. To add to the frustration, I suddenly found that I was not able to get the photos effects that I desired. Back home, in a mixed rush of anger and madness, I headed straight to a camera shop and purchased a DSLR camera. I never regret my decision since.

The Red Bridge, Singapore 
Of course, owning a DSLR camera does not guaranteed I would take good pictures. But it definitely gave me a good head start. I started wondering around my home land like a mad tourist in town. Snapping feverishly day and night on every opportunity at monuments, buildings, statues, humans, animals, trees, flowers, static and dynamic objects, I was determined to hone my photography skill with my new device. It took me a while to grasp it's "temper" but it was all worthwhile. The pictures I took seemed to have more "life" in them and fulfilled my desired effect. But I was hungry for more. I planned trips out of Singapore and wanted to capture the World within the shutter of my camera.

Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sand, Singapore
My obsession with photography would come at a price. My wife started complaining I was always "lost in my own world" when I was taking photographs. She threatened not to go out with me again if I would to bring my camera and tripod along.  My daughter developed camera-phobia. Everytime she saw I slung my camera bag, she would cry and complain: "Mummy, Daddy is bringing his camera! We are going to miss dinner tonight!" I knew I have to appease the "angry mob". Tempting the ladies with gorgeous photo of themselves and  bribing them with stuffs they like, I somehow always manage to conjure up some magic and convince them to continue allowing me to indulge in my hobby. I know the complaints and tug of war will never end but well, my strategy is always to take things only when they come ;-).

Sunset at Ocean Park, Hong Kong
I guess my camera will always be part of me till I am sick of this World and say good bye. But of course that say, the World has so much more to discover and photograph to even say good night.The camera and I relationship will surely continue on and on and on......  I have included some of my personal favorite shots in this blog. Hope you like and appreciate them like I do. Last but not least, I really feel the need to introduce my picture taking companion. It is a Canon EOS 550D :-).

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Malaysia