Monday, 11 February 2013

The Hong Kong Tourism Story

Victoria Harbor Night Scene

I anticipated this coming. My wife came up to me the other day and asked: "Dear, I read your blogs- Travel Bugs. They are very good but one thing is amiss. Where is the one on Hong Kong?" I could not blame her as she hailed from dear Hong Kong! I have been there close to 10 times already (maybe more!) and surely there was something to write on the "Pearl of the Orient".

Giant Stingrays at Ocean Park
Firework display at Hong Kong Disneyland
Of course there are many things about Hong Kong. In fact, it is just too many. Perhaps that's the reason I did not know where to start from. Hong Kong faces stiff competition on their tourism sector from around the region and have taken steps to draw back the crowd. These are good news for those planning to visit Hong Kong. They have expanded and still expanding their main 2 theme parks-Disneyland and Ocean Park. We visited the new Toy Story Land and Grizzly Gulch at Disneyland last December and noticed another theme land-Mystic Point was still "construction in progress". Not to be outdone, Ocean Park has re-located and renovated their Great Aquarium. They have also added Thrill Mountain and Polar Adventure in their premises.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Hong Kong famous religious ground-Wong Tai Sin Temple has also recently completed their HK$100 million construction of the Tai Sui Yuen Chen Hall and other renovations which surely give locals and tourists more reasons to visit the temple.

The Great Buddha
Tai O Fishing Village
Hong Kong Tourism Board has also developed new destinations to boost interests for the visitors.  The Fishing Village-Tai O is one good example. It is situated very near the Great Buddha at Lantau island and makes an ideal side trip after touring the must visit Po Lin Monastery (for info, it was undergoing renovation when we went there last December). Personally, I feel that Tai O is a great getaway for city dwellers like us. It was a great eye opener for my little girl. Photographers will treat this place as a great haven for photo taking. If lucky enough, one may sight wild pink dolphins on the offered boat trips there. Too bad we were not too lucky on our recent visit there :S Better luck next time!

Not many people would know that there was actually a plan to set up a Casino at Lantau Island at 2006 to rival then Singapore plans to set up two Casinos-Marina Bay Sand and Sentosa Resort World. It was shot down by the Legislative Council citing gambling problems. My In law (a Hong Kong Citizen himself) shared with me that Lantau Island was actually considered a religious ground by many Hong Kong people (which resided the Great Buddha and Po Lin Monastery)and the government feared it might incur the wrath of the citizens if the feng shui of the ground was disturbed.

The Peak Tower
The iconic "Ding Ding" Tram
Chi Lin Monastery

To help will be tourists to Hong Kong, below is my top 10 must see or do list (click on links to visit official web sites for more information).
  1. Victoria Harbour (with the iconic Star Ferry Ride)
  2. The Peak (with the Tram Ride)
  3. Hong Kong Disneyland
  4. Po Lin Monastery (with it's Great Buddha)
  5. Wong Tai Sin Temple
  6. Ocean Park
  7. Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden
  8. Tai O Fishing Village
  9. Ngong Ping 360
  10. Tram (Ding Ding) Ride 

Hope they are helpful. I am very sure I will come up another blog related to Hong Kong. Enjoy your stay!

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The iconic Star Ferries
Family Photo at Tai O Village

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  1. Bayee: The Buddha photo look great!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Happened to be there at the right time where the sky looked great and compliment the Buddha. Applied HDR to boost the heavenly effect :-)

  2. What a colorful place! I want to visit with the kids - so much to see!
    Thanks for the post!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

    1. Hi Natalie, hope you and your kids have a wonderful time when you visit Hong Kong :-)