Saturday, 28 September 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Supertrees at night
Since my visit to the Gardens by the Bay back in June 2012, I have made numerous trips to the same destination. The latest being during the Mid-Autumn festival period where fascinating and captivating lanterns of various themes were displayed.

Lovely-Dovey Birds Lanterns
Cartoon Characters' Lanterns
This event used to be held at Clark Quay. The lanterns would be mounted on boats which floated on the edge of the iconic Singapore River. This year, it has shifted "in land" to the Gardens by the Bay. I must say I was impressed by the bigger scale displays, more creative themes, massive firework, deletable food available and mostly importantly the blending into the Gardens. The themes were adored by children as they were captivated by the lanterns display at the 'Dragonfly Lake', 'Jurassic Park', 'Birds and Insects Paradise' and 'World of Fairy Tales'. There was also a section where one could take picture with your star lantern and also your fortune foretold.

Nice Reflection in the Lake
Jurassic Park

 We went to the Gardens by the Bay in the evening. Many people were already there for the same event. Families with their little ones, romancing couples,bewildered tourists  were among those in the crowd, savouring the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the garden. Photographers with their comprehensive gears, were capturing unique moments and scenes. I brought my camera too, not to miss out collecting photos of ourselves in this once in a year event.

Majestic India Lanterns
Little Monks Lanterns
The Three Little Pigs Lanterns
The moon was especially round on that night, as if the fabled Chang' e, the Moon Goddess of Immortality was doing her part to commemorate the celebration. On the humour side, it also reminded us on the many moon cakes we have consumed uncontrollably for the past few days ;-).

Full Moon at the Bay

Family Caption
My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed the event. A BIG thanks to the organizers, we will be back next year :-)

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Charlotte with Oriental Face Mask Lantern

Myself with my Star Lantern-Pisces


  1. At the time of my visit, the "artificial trees" were still under construction.
    I adore Singapore and I'd love to see them in this splendour one day!

    1. Thanks Escape Hunter. Singapore is growing fast in the tourism sector and you will see more things on your next visit here :-)

  2. Wow, these are jaw dropping photos from Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay. I’ve attended various night events at event venues Chicago by the Bay but have never seen such brilliant views in any event. Thanks for sharing pictures.

    1. Glad that you love the photos. This is a yearly event in Singapore. This year the event is held from 3rd Sep to 18th Sep at the same venue :-)