Thursday, 5 December 2013

Family Bonding Tour at Taiwan Formosa

Sun Moon Lake

Just back from a 10 days tour in Taiwan. We traveled in a group of five-My parents, wife, daughter and myself. Before the trip, I joked with my friends that I relished the challenge of planning the trip for the different age groups for the tour. My trip plan was mostly focused on the western bank of Taiwan with the exception of Jiufen which is located at the Northeastern end of the island. With the help of the various transport systems-the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), HSR (High Speed Rail), trains, public bus services and taxis, we visited the various attractions at Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaoshiung.

Yeliu Harbour
Yeliu Geo Park
The highlights of the trip must be having family tea (Yumchai) at a tea inn at the top of Jiufen, taking a tour round the renowned Fo Guang Shan Monastery, witnessed a religious ceremony at Lotus Lake, taking an early morning stroll at Sun Moon Lake and enjoying the sunset at Tamsui. I will share those experiences in  my later blogs. The most important thing about this tour is of course the family bonding we got to enjoy. My parents (especially my dad!) surprised me with their sporting attitude to try anything I recommended (and not recommended!). They tried almost all the challenging rides at the Eda Theme Park after the disappointment of not allowing to try them at Leofoo Village Theme Park due to age restriction. I gave them a big thumb up for these!
CSK Memorial Hall and Taipei 101 Tower
Leofoo Village Theme Park
Family Photo at Yeliu Geo Park

I hastily went through my photo stocks and handpicked some Taiwan photos that I like to share with all of you first. Hope you will enjoy them. More of Taiwan ventures in my later blogs. Cheers!

For those interested, the following were my itineraries for my 10 days trip at Taiwan:

Day 1: Arrived at Taipei
Day 2: Yehliu
Day 3: Leofoo Village Theme Park-Shilin Night Market
Day 4: Jiufen-Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall-Tapei 101
Day 5: Kaohsiung-Liuhe Night Market
Day 6: Fo Guang Shan-Dragon Tiger Pagoda
Day 7: Eda Theme Park
Day 8: Taichung-Sun Moon Lake
Day 9: Taipei-Tamshui
Day 10: Departed to Singapore

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Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
Formosa Boulevard MRT
Eda Theme Park

Fo Guang Shan Monastery 


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  1. Taiwan is amazing! I had no idea it can be so colorful and imposing. I have read an article on Taiwan a couple of years ago, but these photos created a new image of this Asian country.

    1. Hi Marcia Taams, thanks for your kind visit and great compliment. Taiwan is a place rich in culture and full with friendly people. It is indeed an amazing place to visit. My family and I have a wonderful trip there.

  2. I like your blog, good day my friend ♥

    1. Hi Jean-Paul CERNY, thanks for your kind visit and compliment :-)!

  3. Taiwan looks like a lovely place, worth taking the time to explore thoroughly.

    1. Hi Escape Hunter, Happy New Year and thanks for the visit to my site. Yes, Taiwan is a great place and it is surely be not my last visit there :-

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