Sunday, 23 February 2014

Early Morning Walk at Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake#1
It was 545 am. We were staying at a hotel at Sun Moon Lake and readied to witness the sunrise at the famous lake. This was inspired by the driver that drove us from our hotel to the MRT during our stay at Kaohsiung the day before. He told us on his visits at Sun Moon Lake and how he would never miss the captivating morning scenery there. We have decided to trust his recommendation and prepare to sacrifice some sleep for the experience.
Sun Moon Lake#2

My parents have woke up even earlier and we set straight out into the streets. The chilled weather greeted us as we trudged though the empty streets to the Shuishe Pier. It was much unlike yesterday when we arrived here at noon. Hoards of tourists infiltrated the area, making the place looked more like a market than a retreat. We really appreciated the quietness of the early morning atmosphere and were already thanking the driver for his recommendation.

Trail at Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake#3

It took us only few minutes to reach Shuishe Pier. A sense of tranquility greeted us. We have came here the day before but the feeling was completely different. The tourists ferry boats were not making rumbling noise out at the lake as they were parked neatly at the pier. There was hardly a person on sight except ourselves. The lake with the towering mountains as it's backdrop emitted a feeling of peacefulness and serenity.The shroud of mist above the forests near the mountains' ground added a touch of mystic to the scenery. We could see the golden ray embracing the mountains like a mother calming her nervous children . This could only be a picture taken from the fairy tale where only the fairies resided.
Dad, Mum and Myself
Sun Moon Lake#4
We were slightly disappointed of not able to capture the sunrise due to the cloudy sky. But the stroll at the lake has helped us attained ataraxia. My parents and I have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful experience. If you ever have the chance to come to Sun Moon Lake, make sure you plan an early morning walk here.

Self Photo at Sun Moon Lake
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