Monday, 7 July 2014

Tokyo Trip: Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty Land)

Sanrio Puroland
When I visited Tokyo, visiting Sanrio Puroland (popularly known as Hello Kitty Land) was a must do item. The reason was simple. Both my daughter and wife are fans of the Sanrio characters and I risked incurring their wrath if this was not included!

Charlotte & Sanrio Characters
Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park and situated at Tama Center in Tokyo. The theme park is not very big and is housed inside a three story building. Most of the attractions are at 1st and 2nd floor and you can easily spend 1 day here. We went there on a weekday and found the place not overly crowded. The entrance fee during weekdays are also cheaper (Adult: 3300 Yen, Child: 2500 Yen).

Jewelpet Dokidoki Magical March
Hello Kitty in Wonderland

Needless to say, the theme park is decorated with the "Kawaii" concept in mind. Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Everything is centered around it's main starlet-Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Bun
Hello Kitty Decor
My Melody & Kuromi Mymeroad Drive

Sanrio Character Boat Ride
There are two rides-"Sanrio Character Boat Ride" and   "My Melody & Kuromi Mymeroad Drive" available for the visitors. My daughter enjoyed both rides thoroughly which allowed her to see the cute characters at their lovely settings. We managed to catch a stage show-Hello Kitty in Wonderland and a live participatory show- Jewelpet Dokidoki Magical March which the children got to mix with the stage Characters. Although not a fan of Sanrio, I must admit I enjoy the shows with the Kawaii characters dressed in their attractive outfits accompanied by the alluring music.

Do not missed the spectacular dance parade where you got to meet all the Sanrio Characters. My daughter was overjoyed to meet her favorite Hello Kitty but my wife was slightly disappointed not to see her favorite PK Duck-her young time darling.

Parade Shot 1
Parade Shot 2
Parade Shot 3
Parade Shot 4
There are other attractions like the Lady Kitty House, Kiki and Lala twinkling tour etc. The girls enjoyed their outing here. If you are a Sanrio fan, you will not be disappointed. Go to this website for more info on Sanrio Puroland.

Photo with Little Twin Stars
Lady Kitty House
Family Photo at Sanrio Puroland

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  1. If I ever make it here, I'll feel like 5 years old again. Absolutely fantastic place, not only for kids!

  2. Seems like you went to Japan as you stated on my blog. Looks amazing!

    1. Hi moochi2000, thanks for your visit. We missed Odaiba (due to heavy rain) but still had a wonderful time at Tokyo :-)